Two Soft Wallboards One for OXO ACD.
One for OXO Hunt Group.

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QuickVIEW works on any standard Windows 7 & 10 PC without any other hardware requirement.

A Soft Wallboard built exclusively for Alcatel Lucent Enterprise Phone Systems, OXO & OXE

Built exclusively for the Alcatel PBX’s. This Soft Wallboard application can turn a small ACD/Hunt group system into a high-end call centre.

It can run on a PC or a plasma monitor and will display all of the common statistics to optimize the performance of your call centre.


Works with



Summary and

Detailed Stats


SLA Threshold




Performance Stats

Key Features

QuickVIEW is scalable and easy to manage solution for BPs, SPs and end-users.

ACD & Hunt Groups_icon

ACD & Hunt Groups

  • QuickVIEW has two clients ACD Groups and Hunt Groups
  • It can monitor several ACD groups and provide statistics simultaneously for each
Call Statistics_icon

Call Statistics

Call Statistics that summarize the status of your call centre in an instant

  • Total calls waiting
  • Total calls answered
  • Total calls abandoned
  • Average ring time
  • Longest waiting
  • Total calls
  • Abandoned calls percentage
  • Calls answered last hour
Agent Statistics_icon

Agent Statistics

Agent Statistics that summarize the availability of your agents

  • Idle Time
  • Busy Time

Statistics can be reset automatically at night so that stats are set to zero when agents arrive.

Threshold Alerts_icon

Threshold Alerts

Provides thresholds that alert your call centre agents by flashing on/off when the threshold is broken.



  • Provides the ability to change the colors of each tile
  • Provides the ability to automatically and manually arrange your tiles
  • Can save your layout so that your statistics are displayed in the same position each time you launch the Wallboard


  • ACD Groups Report:  Export reports for different ACD Groups to have a bird’s eye view
  • Agent Calls Report: Get your hands on agent performance and take corrective actions

Platforms and deployment

Supported on OXO, OXE & Rainbow

QuickVIEW Office is a Windows 7 64-bit application. It can run multiple Wallboards from one PC simultaneously

  • ACD Groups: Calls will land on the assigned queue only
  • Virtual Groups: Calls will land on any extension that is not in use

Configuring the Wallboard is easy. You start by creating a queue for each of your ACD or Hunt groups and provide each queue with an appropriate telephone number.

Thereafter, you select the queues you have created and choose the statistics you want to display for each queue respectively. Each of your chosen statistics is displayed in the specified tile along with the relevant heading.

The Wallboard then monitors the associated telephone numbers and provides with real-time updates on the respective screens.

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