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QuickRECORD works on any standard Windows 7 & 10 PC without any other hardware requirement.

A Comprehensive Voice Recorder for Alcatel Lucent Enterprise Phone Systems, OXO & OXE

When it comes to the mass market, you may be challenged to find a Voice Recorder that everyone can afford. This is the market space we occupy and we have solutions that cover almost 100% of possibilities with benefits including:



and SIP call recording


Call Flags, Call Filters and

Advance Searching



based UI




Key Features

QuickRECORD is scalable and easy to manage solution for BPs, SPs and end-users


Record on Demand

  • Record from Now: A call can be recorded from a specific point if required
  • Record a specific portion: Calls can be recorded from a specific point and paused thereafter, having a relevant portion of the call recorded only.
  • Record Entire Call: Enable users to record a call from the beginning, in case a user realises that the entire call needs to be recorded, while in middle of the conversation/call.
Advanced Search_icon

Advanced Search

The search functionality allows users to set up advanced criteria to create pre-defined templates that will return results filtered by:

  • Teams
  • Caller number
  • Number called
  • Call Direction
  • Call Flags
  • Call Duration
  • Period & Time

And much more.



Call flags are assigned to a call with the intention to highlight its nature or priority.

Very often, call centers use them to grade the quality of the call from excellent to poor or need training. In addition, multiple flags can be assigned to a single call, in a scenario where you could have a confirmed order but poor customer experience.

They can also be used to pre-define a search criterion


Recording Filters

  • System Level Filters: Allows the Administrator to set rules and processes to be followed for call recording
  • User Level Filter: This appears on the Agents web interface, which can be set-up for that specific user

User Management

  • Permissions Groups
  • User Specific Dashboards
  • Dashboard with template reports
Archiving_Job Scheduling_icon

Archiving & Job Scheduling

  • Create jobs for teams by defining a criterion for a set time and date
  • Archive calls by defining the path to a specific folder for the scheduled jobs to store calls
Silent Monitoring_icon

Silent Monitoring

This feature is for the Supervisor or Group Admin who can listen to a live call for monitoring and evaluation.

Play Back


Once the relevant calls have been found, the calls can be accessed using the standard built-in audio player with Play, Rewind, Fast Forward and Pause functionality


Recorder Settings

  • Email recording to a third party
  • GSM 610, WAV, WMA and MP3 (32, 64 128 bit) formats
  • Network adapters

Real-time statistics dashboard

Receive real time statistics within the QuickRECORD interface including calls recorded, number of monitored extensions, license details and much more.

Speech analytics

Set and monitor the frequency of the callers voice. A recorded call can be looked in to immediately, in case, the frequency exceeds the set limit as it may point towards an unsatisfied caller.

Retrieve extensions from OmniPCX Office

Now our end-users can import as many extensions as they want with a few clicks if the respective extensions are already configured with in OmniPCX Office (OXO)

Call Log Reports

Get call reports for all the calls with an option to filter the results down to:

  • Missed calls
  • Received calls
  • Dialled calls

Scheduled Reports

Set up criteria to receive reports in your inbox for call information with respect to DDI, CLI, or extension for:

  • Received Calls
  • Missed Calls
  • Dialled Calls
  • Transferred Calls
  • Callback

The reports can be set to be scheduled for a daily, weekly, or monthly basis

Call Transfer Reports

All hops or transfers can be traced to see the user experience with the internal user’s specific extension numbers and timing.

Missed Call Reports

Keep on top of missed calls with the ability to ensure that the agents called back within the specified duration. If the respective agents call back within the set duration, the number called will be removed from the missed call report. However, in case the call is returned after the set duration, the number will keep showing in the callback report with an indication that the call was not timely made

Platforms and deployment

Supported on OXO, OXE & Rainbow 

QuickRECORD caters to up to 250 extensions (limitation of PBX) with a web interface

  • Analogue: Up to 160 Channels
  • Digital/ISDN: With Digital/Analogue handsets both multiple BRI and  Single PRI
  • Digital/ISDN: With IP handsets any BRI or PRI configuration
  • IP Recording
  • SIP Trunks
  • DASS 2 lines

Avail a 45-day trial license with unlimited users

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