Amigo Timeline

Connex 18April 2018

Amigo Software among the main sponsors of Alcatel Lucent Enterprise event for partners

The updated site has an improved content structureNovember 2017

  • Better User Experience through clear navigation
  • Enhanced communication in terms of product knowledge
  • A streamlined process for support and request for quotes
  • Other features such as creating custom solutions

QuickBOT is is a highly available service running in AWSSeptember 2017

  • Service in-the-cloud
  • Empower apps with Rainbow
  • Bespoke Solutions

AAPP Certified ApplicationAugust 2017

QuickIVR has been certified

A completely software based solution with multi-level tree and integration with third-party APIs and a text to speech engine

Benefits include:

  • Customer experience
  • Workflow
  • Time management
  • Self-service
  • Agent cost optimization

Amigo has developed the following with much more in the pipelineApril 2017

  • Rainbow Connectors
  • BOT

Connex Partner EventFeb 2017

Amigo Software was the main sponsor of Alcatel Lucent Enterprise event for partners.

AAPP Certified ApplicationNovember 2016

QuickBILLING was certified

A Call Accounting solution for advanced payment configurations including multi-tariff and multi-carrier management with an option of PMS integration for the hospitality sector

Benefits include:

  • Customer Experience
  • Process Automation
  • Multi-tenancy

AAPP Certified ApplicationMarch 2016

QuickVIEW was certified

A soft wallboard with real-time statistics for ACD groups and agents that can also be displayed on a plasma screen

Benefits include:

  • Improved Customer experience/Engagement
  • Real time analytics
  • Agent monitoring
  • Group monitoring
  • Real time threshold alerts
  • Time management

AAPP Certified ApplicationJune 2014

QuickRECORD was certified

A VoIP, SIP and TDM call recorder with multi-tenancy and an option for quality monitor

Benefits include:

  • PCI-DSS, MiFID II and GDPR Complaint
  • Dispute management
  • Real time agent monitoring
  • Agent training
  • Multi-tenancy
  • Multi-PBX

Amigo was created2004

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