DSPP webinar – July 2020

The webinar was hosted by Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise. Our CEO, Junaid Ali was the speaker himself.

The main points covered were:

    • Products in collaboration with Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise (ALE)
    • Products directly available through Amigo Software
    • Rainbow integration for third-party PBX’s and CRMs
    • Opportunities with Rainbow for the Healthcare & Education verticals
    • Rainbow integration with CCTV cameras

To receive a copy of the presentation, click here

Amigo Software becomes the only Premium Partner for Alcatel-Lucent Enterpise Rainbow

Amigo Software becomes the only Premium Partner for ALE Rainbow platform with its state of the are CTI and CRM connectors to integrate with third-party applications and streamline business processes.

ALE Premium Partner
OXO Connect Evolution Certification

The first Call Recording Solution to be certified for Alcatel-lucent OXO Connect Evolution

Amigo Software becomes the first Application Partner to attain the certification for the state-of-the-art IP Box, OXO Connect Evolution, for QuickRECORD, a comprehensive call recording solution.

The certification came through in October 2018.

Connex Partner Event

Amigo Software was the main sponsor of Alcatel Lucent Enterprise event for partners in 2018

The updated site has an improved content structure

  • Better User Experience through clear navigation
  • Enhanced communication in terms of product knowledge
  • A streamlined process for support and request for quotes
  • Other features such as creating custom solutions

QuickBOT is is a highly available service running in AWS

  • Service in-the-cloud
  • Empower apps with Rainbow
  • Bespoke Solutions

AAPP Certified Application

QuickIVR has been certified in August 2017.

A completely software based solution with multi-level tree and integration with third-party APIs and a text to speech engine

Amigo has developed the following with much more in the pipeline

  • Rainbow Connectors
  • BOT

Connex Partner Event

Amigo Software was the main sponsor of Alcatel Lucent Enterprise event for partners.

AAPP Certified Application

QuickBILLING was certified in November 2016

A Call Accounting solution for advanced payment configurations including multi-tariff and multi-carrier management with an option of PMS integration for the hospitality sector

AAPP Certified Application

QuickVIEW was certified in March 2016

A soft wallboard with real-time statistics for ACD groups and agents that can also be   displayed on a plasma screen

AAPP Certified Application

QuickRECORD was certified in June 2014

A VoIP, SIP and TDM call recorder with multi-tenancy and an option for quality monitor

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