The updated site has an improved content structure

  • Better User Experience through clear navigation
  • Enhanced communication in terms of product knowledge
  • A streamlined process for support and request for quotes
  • Other features such as creating custom solutions

QuickBOT is is a highly available service running in AWS

  • Service in-the-cloud
  • Empower apps with Rainbow
  • Bespoke Solutions
QuickIVR_Certified Application

AAPP Certified Application

QuickIVR has been certified in August 2017.

Amigo has developed the following with much more in the pipeline

  • Rainbow Connectors
  • BOT

Connex Partner Event

Amigo Software was the main sponsor of Alcatel Lucent Enterprise event for partners.

AAPP Certified Application

QuickBILLING was certified in November 2016

QuickBILLING_Certified Application
QuickVIEW_Certified Application

AAPP Certified Application

QuickVIEW was certified in March 2016

AAPP Certified Application

QuickRECORD was certified in June 2014

QuickRECORD_Certified Application
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