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Screen Based Operator Console

QuickSBOC works on any standard Windows 7 & 10 PC without any other hardware requirement.

A screen-based operator console for Alcatel Lucent Enterpise Phone Systems, OXO & OXE

Equipped with tools designed to optimise operator’s efficiency and maximise customer satisfaction, this state of the art, operator console comes with on-premise, self-hosted, and cloud deployment setups and flexible pricing options.


Embedded SIP Phone


Supervisor Dashboard


Advanced Call Controls


Rainbow Integration

Key Features

QuickSBOC is scalable and easy to manage solution for BPs, SPs and end-users

Call Controls

Advanced call control with call swap, retrieve, hold, camp-on, blind and announced transfers and much more.

Cherry Pick

Receive important calls first with the option of cherry picking through the web interface.


This feature is most useful when there is a call waiting for more than the average wait time.

Embedded SIP Phone

SIP phone will be made available within the user interface of QuickSBOC

Speed Dialing

These are configurable and can be used to dial the number of important or relevant personnel quickly, saving time and effort.

Rainbow integration

  • Presence (BLF)
  • Messaging (Chat)
  • Contact Directory (Search)

Hot Keys

Hot keys are used with a single click along with the respective key to access the required information quickly such as contact directory, call history and much more.

Call Source

  • Queues
  • Direct
  • Camp-on

Team Collaboration

  • Operators presence status
  • Operator to operator transfer
  • Instant chat for handling calls

Panic Button

  • Enable Operators to not worry about anything and leave the system to do the rest.
  • Call overflow to IVRs can inform others about emergencies.
  • In case of Fire and Security threat, Operator’s last location and time can be figured out
  • Calls are overflowed to Emergency Handling Queues

Instant Call Recording with OmniPCX RECORD

Harmonised recording and archiving ecosystem with recorded Call history of the caller at Operator’s fingertips

  • On-Demand
  • Automatic

Audible Alerts

  • Call Alert Options
    Alerts on multiple playback devices
  • Idle Alert
    For times when Operators are not looking at their screens
  • Snooze Alerts
  • Call Waiting Alerts

Supervisor Dashboards

The Supervisor can have a birds eye view in real-time to monitor the operations and call flow with:

  • Call Load and Queue Call Flow Monitoring
  • Operator Monitoring


Handle a particular Queue Calls in its on best-suited way.

  • Call Load Thresholds: Controls for each Queue for call, load over flow to IVRs
  • No Operator Divert: Divert Calls to individuals, Queues or IVRs when there are no Operators available
  • Or Simply send a busy tone

Queue specific Diverts

The following are the scenarios when a divert may take place:

  • Out of Business Hours
  • Thresholds
  • Emergencies
  • Unscheduled & scheduled holiday templates
  • Out-Hour-Templates
  • Night and holiday templates
  • Multiple templates for complex flows

LDAP, AD and Private Directory

The Active Directory (AD) will be accessible from the main user interface with the numbers, names and hot key details.


Currently this application offers English and French as the languages but there are other languages to be incorporated in the future.

Accessibility Support

Multiple Playback Devices for visually challenged Operators

Visual Assistance

A key within the user interface so beginners can easily adapt and handle important calls in the best manner.

Platforms and deployment

Supported on OXO, OXE & Rainbow 

QuickSBOC can handle up to 250 calls (limitation of PBX) with a web interface

  • OTEC
  • Self-hosted
  • On premise

Avail a 45-day trial license with unlimited users

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