Simply the best value, feature rich Quality Monitoring and Agents evaluation using recorded calls.

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QuickSCORE works on any standard Windows 7 PC without any other hardware requirement.

Run evaluation campaigns, train agents instantly and much more. 

Recorded calls have wealth of data that can be put to use for evaluation of workforce, their training and most importantly to improve customer satisfaction.

QuickSCORE combines rich features and affordability to provide a flexible, cost-effective and profitable solution for the SME market

Custom evaluation forms


evaluation forms

Instant Training & Fedback


Training & Fedback

Calls & Agents Scoring

Calls & Agents


Web UI

Web UI

for Agents and Supervisors

Key Features

QuickSCORE is scalable and easy to manage solution for BPs, SPs and end-users.



  • Graphical analysis of the scorecards
  • A Super Administrator can view the performance summary of Scorer and Agents
  • A Scorer can view the performance summary of associated Agents
  • Agents can only view their corresponding performance summary on the dashboard


  • Send Instant tutorials within the QuickSCORE Application as well as in a form of an email
  • Assign Call Flags to highlight a remark or an observation
  • The Supervisor/Scorer can provide comments to back the Tutorials
  • The Super Administrator can also view the Tutorials
  • Agents can request a review or add a comment on their respective Tutorials


  • Summary Scorecard
  • Average Scorecard
  • Evaluation
  • League Table
  • Tutorial
  • Scorecards Detail
  • Change Reason


  • The Supervisor/Scorer can generate Scorecards
  • Super Administrator and Agents can only view the Scorecards


  • Default Questionnaires designed specifically for call centres
  • The Supervisor/Scorer can also create custom Questionnaires according to their needs


Super Administrator can create and run campaigns for a defined duration with relevant Questionnaire, Agents and Scorers.

Platforms and deployment

Supported on OXO, OXE & QuickRECORD

QuickSCORE works with Windows 7 64-bit 

Web-based interaction interface for all the stakeholders in quality eco-system.

  • Super Administrator
  • Group Administrator
  • Team Supervisor
  • Scorer Access
  • Agent Access

Agents can log in and see their own scorecards and instant tutorials only whereas Scorers can view the agents assigned to them only.

Avail a 45-day trial license with unlimited users

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