QuickALERT integration with Mitel and Alcatel-Lucent’s Rainbow application

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QuickALERT works on any standard Windows 7 & 10 PC without any other hardware requirement.

Stay updated in real-time on Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise’s Rainbow with QuickALERT and Mitel  

Get notified in real-time with QuickALERT and MiVoice/Mitel 3000 communication server on your Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise’s Rainbow application. A notification or alert will be sent instantly as soon as an emergency number is dialled with the respective information including extension number, location and exact time so you can be notified on the go.


SMS, Email

and Screen Alert



conditions can be setup



Alerts to specific users



and Acknowledgements

Key Features

QuickALERT is scalable and easy to manage solution for BPs, SPs and end-users

Message Content

Message Content

The specified alerts triggered to the designated personnel include the emergency call in progress and the geographic location regarding the origin of the call.

The real-time alert as an email and the desktop pop-up contain links allowing immediate access to monitor the call through a suitably audio-equipped desktop computer.

Alert Mediums

Alert Mediums

  • Alert to mobile phone via SMS
  • Alert to desktop via Pop-Up
  • Alert to Inbox via Email
Recorded Calls

Recorded Calls

Emergency calls are saved as WAV or MPEG files in the system along with information about the respective date, time and location of the call. Recorded calls can be emailed directly to first respondents or any other third parties, during or after an incident, with a choice of common file formats.

Test Alarm icon

Test Alarm

As with all emergency response systems, it is important that the system can be used in “test mode”. To this end, a Test Drill button simulates an “Emergency” call and sends simulated alert messages. A system log of all tests carried out on the system is made available and is fully write-protected.



To optimize the alerting system, conditions can be setup such as days, Alert type, location, Template, priority and action. The alarm will be triggered, only when the set of conditions is met.

Platforms and deployment

Supported on Mitel 3000 & MiVoice

For reliability, QuickALERT uses PBX supported telephony interfaces for reliable and real-time call data

QuickALERT can be used to monitor calls to recognised standard emergency numbers, as well as other internal or external numbers that may indicate emergency situations requiring a rapid response.

  • Emergency Calls: Each internal extension is mapped to a geographic location so when an alert is triggered on an emergency call, we know immediately where the call originated from.

Avail a 45-day trial license with unlimited users

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