PRESS RELEASE | November 05, 2018

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The first Call Recording Solution to be certified for Alcatel-Lucent OXO Connect Evolution

We are excited to announce the successful interoperability certification of QuickRECORD on ALE International’s newest IP telephone system, OXO Connect Evolution.

For almost a decade, QuickRECORD has been clearing verification testing on previous OXO platforms and it has kept the tradition when tested on OXO Connect Evolution. The detailed interworking Report (IWR) has been published on the AAPP Portal. Here is the direct link.

To learn more about QuickRECORD, please visit

Junaid A. Ali, CEO, Amigo Software

As the world is moving towards IP and ALE International is transforming its product portfolio accordingly, we are actively working with ALE International to provide compatible products. Amigo is offering a variety of solutions on OXO, OXE and Rainbow CPaaS platforms. QuickRECORD however, remains one of our key products running around the globe.

Amigo Software

Amigo Software is a UK based company that is exclusively collaborating with Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise for more than a decade. It specialises in call recording, software-based IVR, and other CTI solutions for on-premises, hybrid and cloud deployments.

OXO Connect Evolution by ALE International

OXO Connect Evolution is an all IP scalable phone system based on a robust, connected, and converged communication platform that can go up to 300 users with built-in access to the cloud-based, Alcatel-Lucent Rainbow collaboration service.

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PRESS RELEASE | November 05, 2018

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