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Amigo Software specialises in Telephony Communication Software, designed specifically for Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise PBXs. Having been operating in the telephony industry for almost two decades, Amigo has developed affordable but reliable packaged products for general use worldwide.

Additionally, Amigo also offers services for developing Bespoke applications that meet specific customer requirements. Learn more about Amigo.

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Voice Recording

There are many sophisticated and high priced voice recording systems in the market today. They play an important role in Call Centers and it is not our intention to compete in this high-end market space. Now if you come down into the mass market, you may be challenged to find a Voice Recorder that everyone can afford. This is the market space we occupy and we have solutions that cover almost 100% of possibilities.

Soft Wallboard

Built exclusively for the OmniPCX Office, this Soft Wallboard application can turn a small ACD/Hunt group system into a high end call centre. It can run on a PC or a plasma monitor and will display all of the common statistics to optimize the performance of your call centre.

CTI Billing suite

QuickBILLING is a powerful yet easy-to-work-with call billing solution from Amigo Software. It is suitable for hospitality, managed services providers and SMBs. In basic mode, QuickBILLING offers simple call logging and reporting. For advance business cases, it offers multi-tariff and multi-carrier support with extension balance management. QuickBILLING solution integrates with OmniPCX Enterprise and OmniPCX Office through OHL interface. Bespoke services are also available for direct integration with BMS and hospitality solutions.

QuickIVR QuickIVR
Software based IVR solution

Traditional IVR systems require expensive and purpose-built media cards to play audio. This makes them inefficient when business is growing and complex IVR flows are needed. QuickIVR is a state-of-the-art IVR solution from Amigo Software. It is a completely software based solution that doesn’t require media cards. This makes it cost-effective and scalable solution for small to medium enterprises. QuickIVR comes with an intuitive web based user interface that allows users to develop smart, effective and professional Voice Responses without having to install management software on the PC.

Emergency call tracking made simple

QuickALERT is a simple yet feature-rich “Emergency” call alerting system that triggers and manages real-time alarms to key personnel within an organisation when someone dials an emergency number. QuickALERT can be used to monitor calls to recognised standard emergency numbers, as well as other internal or external numbers that may indicate emergency situations requiring a rapid response.

Feature rich Quality Monitoring suite

Quality monitoring systems play a vital role in today’s connected business whether in a purpose-built Contact Centre or a typical office but not all recorders are equal in function or price.
QuickSCORE combines rich features and affordability to provide a flexible, cost-effective and profitable solution for the SME market.

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